Services We Offer


Starting a Web Project? JK Marketing has what you need to get you started or to help you move forward in the business world. We offer a huge variety of services ranging from Website set up to Search Engine Optimization and even any content you could ever need. Whether it’s written information on each page, Stock Images, Photography or even Graphic Design — JKM has what you need!

Designed by Professionals

Don’t get fooled by half functioning templates, no business can run on any one template. Although they are a nice option for inspiration and limited websites, they are not designed around your needs and therefore will not complete your website. We on the other hand will use your inspiration and create a website from scratch for you.

Hassle-Free Website Set Up

Setting up a Website can be a difficult task almost as much as building it can be for the first time. Our system is already set up with the right tools we need to rapidly launch a website. We will set up and connect FTP and Data servers for you which are necessary for your website. We setup as many emails that are required (hosting might charge for extra emails) and teach you how to access them as well as how to use your brand new website! We will also provide complete hosting so you don’t have to worry.

A to Z Content Integration

Don’t know what to write for your website content? Unsure of how to write the best description and information to pull in the most business? Want a professional take on content generation and implementation? Leave it to us! Our signature Content Integration service offers expertly written descriptions on your products or services! We will personally spend time with you and your business, learning how everything is done and then process it all down to easy-to-read yet professional descriptions that attract customers and are accurate to your products.

Easy to Use Content Management System

Add a CMS to any site you wish! A CMS or Content Management System will allow you to have full and complete control on your website content with an easy to use system with quick access and a very small learning curve. Why stress with thousands of lines of code when you can easily have access to your content in one site? A CMS will allow you to edit content, add pictures, add pages and even control what your website looks like!

eCommerce Websites

Powerful software to sell your products across the world! WordPress + eCommerce = the perfect solution for any internet business. Our design and construction of a website around WordPress’ eCommerce platform will guarantee highly promoted products along with an easy-to-use purchasing system which makes purchasing simple! Your customers will shop in confidence as they browse through your website with full visibility of promoted products. And that’s not even the best part! we will sit down with you and teach you how to add products to your site, how to control pricing, shipping methods and even a full sales statistics panel!

Mobile Websites

Convenience in the palm of your hands. Give your customers access to your website anywhere they go! The current state of technology shows that everything is becoming mobile. You probably even have a smartphone in your pocket right now! A mobile website is the best way to grant easy access to all of your target audiences keeping your site and concurrently your business in their mind at all times. We offer fully functional Mobile Website creations that mirror your real website, keeping all of the content without any of the clutter!

Logo Design

The key thing to getting recognized on the street and anywhere you go is branding. Branding includes a fully custom Logo, matching fonts, themes and color schemes that will make people recognize you. The reason why every business needs this is to stand out and become recognized. The thumb icon for Facebook has become so recognized that it is almost trademark! This kind of recognition makes a company unforgettable so the next time someone needs what you want they’ll think “Hey what was that company with the cool logo?” And they’ll think of you!

Advanced Graphic Design

With experienced and talented designers proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other Graphic Design Tools we can create the graphics that you need in order to make your website look attractive. In addition, we offer Graphic design service for production of everything from business cards to brochures to flyers to promote your business! Just call and ask about our Advanced Custom Graphic Design services to learn more!

Logo, Branding and Theming

Building a Logo takes time, effort and research. It took millions of dollars to research the new Pepsi logo. It contains elements of peace, harmony, culture and worldliness. This is the type of service that JKM provides for its clients. We also match the theming of your logo to the rest of your website and print media.


Does your business have that personality that everyone seeks? Do you rely on information and interaction with customers? Then you need a blog! A blog is the best tool to have full and in depth interaction with customers. A blog is a detailed utility that can be customized to your business’ personality.

Be the #1 search result

That’s right! Blogging is a surefire way to get your website to the #1 spot. Much of SEO currently relies on blogging. Updating a blog with high frequency will boost your search results to the top! JKM sets up the perfect blog for you to use and teaches you how you can use it to boost your rankings.

Build a fanbase

Blogging is an excellent way to build a powerful fanbase. This is especially useful for those businesses who offer products or services that can be purchased more than once by the same customer.

Print Materials

We have the skills; we have the tools. With experienced and talented designers proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and other Graphic Design Tools we can create the graphics that you need in order to make your business look more attractive. In addition, we offer Graphic design service for production of everything from business cards to brochures to flyers to promote your business! Just call and ask about our Advanced Custom Graphic Design services to learn more!

Beauty with recognition

At JK Marketing we produce high quality original designs that catch attention towards your target clients. Our custom designed printed media has been granting recognition to many businesses across a wide variety of platforms. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Labels
  • Logo Design
  • Magnets
  • Menus
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Signage

Email Marketing

One of the easiest and most effective ways of driving traffic towards your website is through Email Marketing. JKM provides customized marketing with design and content. Email marketing through platforms such as Mailchimp will allow you to reach out to current and prospective customers. It is an excellent way to promote specific products and services as well as to build awareness about a specific topic.

Make it Catchy

You have to make sure that your email is catchy. This means having a snazzy tag-line as well as an attractive yet simple design. We work with you to build excellent designs and to help you drive the message home. This will allow your email marketing campaign to have maximum effectiveness.

Help us Help yourself

Think about it this way, which emails from companies have you clicked on today? Is it the one with obscure details or the one with the % sign and $ signs? Everyone wants to save money and you want to offer them your business! Email Marketing is the best way to get both of these quick.

Auto Wraps

Vehicle wraps are always in motion, making them cost-effective, moving billboards. Custom full-color vehicle wraps transform vehicles into attention grabbing works of art get close to 70,000 impressions daily, making their cost per impression dramatically less than traditional forms of advertising such as radio and television.

Fully Customized

Whether your budget allows for a partial wrap or a full wrap JKM will work with you to transform your vision into a powerful mobile advertising machine. No matter the size or shape of your vehicle, our expert auto wrap installers will install your wrap so it appears as though it is hand painted art in just a few days. Because vehicle wraps can be quite complex, our expert design team will work with you to assist in the overall design of your car or truck’s wrap. Our signage center is equipped with vehicle outlines that allow us to provide you with true to life proofs of your vehicle wrap.

Make your vehicle stand out

We understand that your vehicle is a vital part of your business operations and we will work with you to make arrangements for transportation while your custom vehicle wrap is being installed. Also, because many of our locations have temperature-regulated bays, weather will not be a factor in delivering your vehicle wrap on time.

Perforated Vinyl

Don’t forget to ask about our perforated vinyl for your windows. Perforated vinyl gives the appearance of your graphics continuing over your vehicle windows without blocking the driver’s view! The driver can see out but people can’t see in! We can even consult with you to ensure your vehicle wrap is legal by not placing graphics on certain windows.

High Ranking SEO

The internet is littered with half-working websites, once completed they charge upwards of 1000$ to optimize it for you. JK Marketing offers Web Design Search Engine Optimization services which are included in our websites. Search Engine Optimization is the absolute reason why you even need a website. SEO allows your website to be searched effectively on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These days there is only one way to find you are looking for – “Google It.” SEO shows those people “Googling” your business to find you. we set up a SEO system for your website connected to Facebook, Twitter and a Blog which you can promote without our assistance. We handle all of this for every website we build!

Full SEO

We also offer professional SEO Maintenance and Google Ads campaign set up which allows you to pay to be the FIRST thing that people see when they “Google” you. With professional SEO Maintenance you pay a low monthly price in which we update all of your social media (Facebook, Twitter and Blog) on a weekly basis with optimized descriptions which will skyrocket your natural rankings.

Choose the Proper Keywords for Maximum Exposure

One easy investment that will promote your business effectively is through Google/Bing AdWords. This service allows search engines to put your website at the very top by a pay-per-click method. The trick is to set it up the right way so you don’t end up paying $10 per click and wasting money. Setting it up can be a very complex task, but with our experience and set up skills we can get it done fast and teach you how to use it. All you have to do is log in, select what you want to promote and watch the leads come in!

Advertisement Video and Flash Services

Let our Professionals Handle it! Need to promote your company or products through Television or Internet Video networks such as YouTube? Or are you looking to just make a simple flash advertisement for the internet? JK Marketing is the right choice! With professional grade video and sound editing plus experience with video direction we can create any advertisement you may need for your business.

Complete SEO Maintenance

Increase your ranking Every Week! Our experience has shown us what the internet demands. We pride ourselves with tactical knowledge of current techniques and procedures that put your website on top. We know that sometimes what is required is incredibly invasive, involving you to change the way something is written or the way it is presented to Web-Crawlers in order for search engines to find your website. This service is a weekly service in which we update your Twitter, Facebook and any other social media accounts to promote SEO as well as linking your business in networks which is the fastest way to promote natural listings (how high up your website is on search engines). If the content of your website is not optimized for the Google web-crawl, we will change it ourselves! These days there is no business without Facebook. Our social networking expertise will take you down the line introducing you to the most popular social networking websites and create pages for each one, maximizing your audience and the presence of your business in the social world. Popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin.

Social Media Integration

We don’t need to tell you how valuable social media is. It is the catalyst that builds businesses and rightfully so! What if you sold jewelry and you could show every woman interested in jewelry your products every day as you update them? This is how social media works and at JKM we know how to take advantage of the nature of social media to optimize your exposure.

Efficient work for maximum specificity

We build social media campaigns as well as integration into your websites in order for you to utilize them perfectly. We use a streamlined approach that targets your specific audience without wasting time and resources on exposures you don’t need. We cover all of the networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and even specialty networks such as Reddit, Tumblr and RSS.

A Connected Market

The market has never been more connected. In fact, social media advertisement is becoming even more powerful than TV ads. We help you set up Facebook and Twitter campaigns that will show your product or service to those who are looking into it. Many people do their research through social media, what better way to expose your business to these people than directly?